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Spanish Major and spanish Major with Teacher Licensure: The Spanish major must fulfill the Bachelor of Arts(B.A.) degree requirements, including the intermediate core (SPA 201-202) or their equivalents and 24 additional hours in upper-level Spanish and specialty courses. In addition to core requirements, the major includes the following requirements: (1) at least one course in literature (3 hours) from SPA 333, 331, 332; (2) at least one course in life and culture (3 hours) from 323, 420 or 421; (3) at least one practicum or internship course (3 hours) from 480, 482, 484, 486); (4) at least one course in grammar & composition (3 hours) from 305 or 434; (5) the capstone class 430 (3 101 hours); (6) any three additional upper-level elective courses in SPA in order to achieve the required number of 24 upper-level hours. Students seeking teacher licensure should take SPA477.

English or Spanish majors not seeking teacher licensure must have a minor area of study selected in consultation with an advisor. English or Spanish majors desiring teacher licensure must(1) complete all professional requirements mandated by the State of Mississippi certification standards; (2) complete a minor in education, and (3) be advised by the Department of Language and Literature and by the Department of Education.

Spanish Minor: Twenty-one semester hours, including SPA 201-202 or their equivalents and at least nine hours of upper-level Spanish courses. Only six hours from SPA 101, SPA 102, and SPA 106 can count toward a Spanish minor.


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