Program Overview

Description of the Major

The curriculum for the psychology major is designed to provide a foundation to the field of psychology. This foundational understanding of psychology focuses upon the scientific basis of psychology, the history of the psychology profession, the use of psychology in education, counseling, and testing, a biopsychosocial understanding of human abnormality, and professional ethics.

This foundation equips individuals to either pursue service opportunities in the helping professions and/or ministry, or to pursue graduate study in applied or experimental psychology programs. The psychology undergraduate major consists of 36 credit hours, the student’s choice of a minor, and the core graduation requirements of William Carey University.

Major Outcomes

The Program Learning Outcomes of undergraduate psychology are:

  1. To equip students with a knowledge base that emphasizes key psychological concepts.
  2. To promote the values of scientific inquiry.
  3. To promote professional ethical responsibility and practice
  4. To cultivate effective communication skills in order to prepare students for career opportunities or further study. The student experience is based in a caring Christian environment that emphasizes service in a diverse global society.

Required Courses

PSY 201 General Psychology

PSY 204 Educational Psychology

PSY 205 Developmental Psychology

PSY 327 Counseling Psychology

PSY 351 Introduction to Psychological Statistics

PSY 410 Abnormal Psychology

PSY 430 History and Systems of Psychology

PSY 441 Experimental Psychology

PSY 480 Practicum in Psychology

PSY 497 Internship in Psychology

(2) PSY   Elective Courses

- Students can choose between pursuing either a Bachelor of Science in Psychology or a Bachelor of Arts. The distinctions are as follows:

       Bachelor of Science Additional Requirements

          B.S. degrees require 3 hours of English literature and 12-14 hours of natural/physical science, mathematics, or computing.

       Bachelor of Arts Additional Requirements

         B.A. degrees require 6 hours of foreign language at the intermediate level. Students with no foreign language proficiency are required to take 12 hours in one foreign language. Six hours of English literature, history, or philosophy(3 of these hours must be in English literature) are also required.

Minor in psychology

At its core, the study of psychology is the study of human behavior. As such, this makes psychology a suitable companion alongside any major. A minor in psychology consists of 21 credit hours.

Required courses for the minor

PSY 201 General Psychology

PSY 204 Educational Psychology

PSY 351 Introduction to Psychological Statistics

PSY 410 Abnormal Psychology

(3)  PSY Electives

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