Called to serve.

The intercultural studies double major allows students to double major in ICS and another academic discipline and still graduate in 4 years. Double major options include business, communication, education, health profession, or another area that will prepare graduates to be culturally competent marketplace professionals and missionaries in an increasingly multi-cultural world. Intercultural studies is ideal for students desiring biblically faithful and culturally relevant instruction, equipping them for global or domestic Kingdom service.

Program Overview


The Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) and purposes of the ICS major are to:

  • Articulate the importance of the Great Commission mandate to make disciples of all nations, rooted in an accurate understanding of Scripture and relevant to cultural content.
  • Expose students to various cultures for the purpose of developing a caring sensitivity for all people groups.
  • Integrate knowledge and skill across a missiological framework of theology, history, culture, and strategy to develop effective mission paradigms in diverse settings.
  • Equip students with the skills to enter and understand new cultural contexts.
  • Convey the responsibility of all followers of Christ to value, protect, and rescue the disadvantaged, vulnerable and abused people in society.
  • Prepare students to effectively work and minister in a multicultural or cross-cultural context.


Students who major in ICS are required to double major or take a minor. Choose from one of our many disciplines such as education, English, pre-professional medicine, psychology or nursing.

Courses Include

Biblical Hermeneutics
Intercultural Field Experience
Principles and Practices of Missions
Race, Culture, and the Church
Systematic Theology
Intercultural Studies Internship
World Religions
Applied Anthropology for Missions


The Intercultural Studies major is 33 hours.

Program Overview


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