Program Overview


Doctor of Philosophy in Healthcare Education (DPT to PhD)

The Doctor of Philosophy in Healthcare Education (DPT to PhD) prepares DPT graduates in faculty roles to seek tenure track positions that require a PhD.

Program Goals: Graduates of the PhD in Healthcare Education program (DPT to PhD) will meet the following graduate outcomes:

    1. Utilize concepts, knowledge, and skills to create an environment that facilitates classroom and clinical learning in the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains.
    2.  Facilitate students’ development as professional healthcare providers.
    3. Utilize sound principles to develop strategies to assess academic achievement in the classroom, online, and clinical settings and in the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains.
    4. Design, implement, evaluate, and revise health education curricula and program outcomes that reflect the academic institution’s mission and goals, reflect current trends and evidence-based practice, and prepare graduates to function as professional health educators.
    5. Develop and articulate a vision for the professional practice within the healthcare delivery system.
    6. Utilize information and communication technology effective in the global environment of healthcare.
    7. Function as a change agent in order to function as a healthcare professional.
    8.  Demonstrate proficiency in scholarly writing.
    9. Utilize Christian principles as an academic educator and healthcare administrator.


Schedule/Length of program.

The student will be able to complete the program in a two-year period. William Carey University operates on a trimester system with three trimesters and a summer term each academic year. For the student who wishes to take a longer time period the program of study can be tailored to the individual’s needs but must be completed within six years. Doctoral level healthcare courses are scheduled for face-to-face meetings four times per year with all courses offered in a web-enhanced format. 


The DPT graduate will be awarded twenty credit hours for the degree.  There are forty hours to complete in the PhD in Healthcare Education program.  Twenty-two hours will be devoted to research and dissertation courses, and eighteen hours will be devoted to healthcare education courses.

A maximum of eight hours may be transferred from a master’s program and no more than six semester hours may be transferred from a doctoral program. Approval of transfer hours is considered on an individual basis.

Each student must complete a dissertation.  The dissertation process will proceed over the first six terms beginning with the Advanced Research Methodology course.  The research courses were developed to help the student understand the research process and to design the essential components of a dissertation.  Each student will have a committee of three Ph.D. program faculty members.  There will be a written comprehensive examination during the second year to determine mastery of the Ph.D. content.


Required Courses:

HAE 664 Role Development for the Healthcare Educator
HAE 665 Curriculum Development and Program Planning
HAE 666 Instructional Strategies and Evaluation of Student Learning 
HAE 721 Creating an Online Educational Environment
HAE 725 Advanced Curriculum Assessment and Evaluation in Healthcare Education
HAE 726 Role Perspectives in Healthcare and Practicum 
HAE 734 Program Evaluation in Healthcare Education
HAE 752 Advanced Research Methodology
HAE 753 Research Development  
HAE 800 Statistics
HAE 801 Research Process I 
HAE 802 Research Process II 
HAE 803 Research Process III 
HAE 804 Research Process IV

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