The Dance Curriculum at WCU blends faith and learning with living to make educated dance form that are relatable and accessible to the public. Students learn how to create and market the art form so it can be used, not only as self- expression, but also as a catalyst for leadership, a fulfillment of service, and the continuing development of faith in art, all of which follow the mission of the University. Graduates will have the skills and confidence to pursue a Dance career or seek additional degrees.


Biblically, dance is a form of praise and worship (Psalm 149:3). The Mission of the Bachelor of Science in Dance program is to provide dancers with the skills needed to excel in all dance fieldwork, produce meaningful artistic contributions to society, and to do so with a mindfulness on community and service.

Program Overview

Applicant Prerequisites & Requirements

Prospective students wishing to pursue a degree in dance at WCU must complete an application to the University and meet all audition requirements. Every student who auditions for the dance degree program is guaranteed a scholarship offer upon completing application to the university. Students wishing to pursue a minor in dance need not audition unless the student wants to enroll in the Dance Company Ensemble. Please download the following document for full audition requirements.

Dance Admission Requirements

Online Dance Auditions

Career Outlooks

Graduates of dance programs have the potential to enter many fields in the workforce or pursue a higher degree in the following areas:

  • Professional Dance & Choreography
  • Dance Education in K-12
  • Dance Studio Ownership
  • Dance Company Ownership
  • Dance or Movement Therapy
  • Somatic Practices

A degree in dance also prepares the graduate to enter the following fields:

  • Non-Profit Sector
  • Arts Administration
  • Liturgical and Church Worship
  • Public Relations
  • and many more!

Set Yourself Apart

At WCU, Dance Majors are encouraged and supported not only to pursue a double-major or minor in another field, but to broaden their performance experiences by collaborating with other fields and departments. Performance ensembles and opportunities include:

  • Dance Company
  • Carey Opera and Music Theatre Productions
  • William Carey Theatre productions
  • Music Ensembles
  • Faculty Led Dance Collaborative Projects
  • Student Led Dance Collaborative Projects


WCU Box #14 | 710 William Carey Parkway | Hattiesburg, MS 39401
  dance@wmcarey.edu  |    (601) 318 - 6331

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