Called to serve.

The Christian Studies degree is an interdisciplinary major which includes courses in biblical studies, church history, theology, and practical ministry. Students in the Christian Studies degree students are taught to faithfully exegete and communicate scripture, effectively apply biblical doctrines, compassionately minister to the needs of the congregation, and intentionally lead the church to fulfill the Great Commission both locally and globally.

Program Overview


The Christian Studies degree seeks:

  • to inform and enrich every student’s understanding of the Judeo-Christian historical, literary, and theological heritage,
  • to train students in faithful exegetical and theological communication and application of Biblical truth,
  • to instruct undergraduate Christian Studies majors from a liberal arts prospective as to prepare students for graduate level study, and
  • to prepare students for Christian ministry and service.


Students may choose a bachelor of science or a bachelor of arts degree while majoring in CS. To fulfill language requirements for a bachelor of arts., the student may take 12 hours of Greek or 12 hours in a modern language (i.e. Arabic, Spanish).

Courses Include

Biblical Hermeneutics
Systematic Theology I and II
Ministry Internship
Christian Ethics
History of Christianity
Christian Preaching and Teaching


The Christian Studies major is 39 hours.

Program Overview


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