Program of Study

Students in the H.I.M. program are required to have a GPA of at least 2.5 on major courses and no grades lower than a “C.”  One repeat is allowed on any one major course, with no more than three repeats total.

Course Descriptions for Health Information Management (Him)

201. Legal Aspects of Health Information and Risk Management: (2 hours)
The study of the principles of law, confidentiality, and ethics, and their application in the health care field with reference to health records and risk management.  (Successful completion required for admission to the program.)

202. Medical Terminology: (2 hours)
The review of current medical terminology as applies to health records. (Successful completion required for admission to the program.)

203. Pathophysiology: (2 hours)
The review of applicable pathophysiology as related to health records. (Successful completion required ,for admission to the program.)

301. Introduction to Health Information Management: (4 hours)
Analysis and management of health care data using health information systems.

302. Pharmacology: (3 hours)
The review of applicable pharmacology as related to interpreting and understanding health care records.

303. Coding and Classification Systems: (4 hours)
Introduction to nomenclatures and classification systems with emphasis on the current coding system.

304. Analysis of Health Data: (3 hours)
Health care and research statistics including data display, evaluation, and interpretation of health care data.

305. Coding and Reimbursement System: (4 hours)
Application and analysis of specialized diagnosis and procedure classification systems for health care reimbursement processes.

306. Health Care Finance: (3 hours)
An introduction to the principles of health care finance, sources of healthcare revenue, expenses, and budgeting.

401. Principles of Management: (3 hours)
Principles of management with emphasis on business functions, procedures, personnel management, work force development, and productivity measurements as applied to a variety of health care settings.

402. Quality Evaluation and Management: (4 hours)
Examination of process, internal and external to an organization, used to measure, evaluate, and improve quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of health care.

403. Professional Practice: HIM Clinical Internship: (6 hours)
Rotation and project assignments in hospital medical records.

404. Professional Practice: HIM Management Internship: (9 hours)
Application of advanced HIM skills in a health related setting geared toward the career concern of the student.

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