Program Requirements

Elementary and Secondary Education

Admission procedures:

A. Students need to make applications for admission to the professional program in teacher education prior to taking courses in education.

  1. Students should make application for admission by the end of their sophomore year in college.  Transfer students should make application prior to registering for their first trimester of courses at Carey.
  2. All students enrolled in education must have clearance of criminal background checks prior to participating in clinical activities (field-based practica).  After initial enrollment, any subsequent disciplinary actions, arrests, charges, addiction or impairment ( alcohol or drugs) shall also be reported immediately to the dean of education. Failure to report any and all subsequent disciplinary actions, arrests, charges, addiction or impairment will constitute falsification of records and may result in denial of licensure as an educator. All students must complete a certified background check. After the report has been processed, the student will receive a Certified Background Check ID card which is to be worn during all field practica and the final internship.
  3. All students must purchase liability insurance from one of the following professional organizations: American Federation of Teachers, Mississippi Association of Educators or Mississippi Professional Educators.
  4. TK20 is the School of Education's electronic portfolio. All students must have a Tk20 ( account.
  5. All students must be formally admitted before they will be permitted to take more than six hours (secondary majors) or nine hours (elementary majors) of 300 level education courses.  A student who has not been admitted to take 400 level education courses.
  6. EDU 300 and 300.1 and EDU 372 must be taken in the first nine hours of teacher education course work. Achieve and

B. All applications for admission will be processed by the School of Education faculty. A file will be maintained on each student.

C. Students who make proper application will be admitted to teacher education when these requirements for Transition Point One (Admission/Core).

  1. Achieve and maintain an overall grade-point average of 2.75 or better on the teacher education liberal arts core as defined in the Teacher Education Handbook.
  2. Achieve the required PRAXIS I (Pre-professional Skills Tests) which includes all subtests (Reading, Writing, and Mathematics).  The required score is set by the Mississippi Department of Education.  A student may also meet these tests' requirements with a score of 21 or better on the ACT with no score below an 18 on any subtest.
  3. Achieve a grade of C or better in English 101 and 102.