Audition Information

Prior to admission, each candidate should perform before the music faculty, or program director, selections of vocal or instrumental music representative of the student's higher level of proficiency. The following minimum criteria are suggested:

Voice: two selections from art songs, musical theater, and/or hymn selections. 
Organ:  two contrasting selections and a four-part hymn are required.  The level of literature should be in keeping with the Bach Little Preludes and Fugues.
Piano:  two contrasting selections, preferably memorized.  
Guitar: two contrasting pieces.
Band instruments: one prepared piece, two scales of the students choosing, and sight-reading.
Strings: Please view the Strings Audition Requirements here.

In certain cases, a student may be admitted as a music major who has not had the formal training necessary to perform the suggested literature but who demonstrates exceptional talent. In such cases, the student will enroll in applied music at the secondary level until promoted to the concentration level by the music faculty.

Piano Proficiencies

All music majors at William Carey University are required to demonstrate keyboard competency, as is required by NASM (National Association of Schools of Music). The content covered in Freshman and Sophomore Piano classes provides a foundational knowledge of the piano to better equip a student for a successful career in music. Successfully passing three trimesters of Piano Class as a Freshman (MUP 171, 172, and 173) and one trimester of Sophomore Piano Class (MUP 271) will complete the Piano Proficiency Exam and all the piano course requirements. All music majors must register and receive credit for completing the Piano Proficiency Exam (MUP 000).

Transfer students should complete the Piano Proficiency Exam as a junior in their first term at WCU. If four semesters of class piano have already been passed with a B or higher, then the student automatically passes the Piano Proficiency Exam and should register for MUP 000 to receive credit.

Music Theory Placement

All freshmen music majors take a theory placement test the Thursday before school starts in August. Based on the results of this exam, students either take MUT 100-Introduction to Music Theory in the Fall, or they wait to enroll in MUT 161-Freshmen Music Theory in the Winter. MUT 100-Introduction to Music Theory is a 1 credit hour course that does not count towards a music degree.

Transfer music majors that have completed all four semesters of theory, freshmen and sophomore levels, with a B or higher in each class, will NOT have to take the theory placement exam. We love transfer students and value the education they have received at community college.

If you are not able to attend one of our audition days, email us at or call 601-318-6175 today!

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