On the night William Carey accepted his call to be a missionary to India he said:

"I will go down, but remember that you must hold the ropes."

William Carey was courageous and faithful to his call, but he would not have been able to go to India and establish his mission work if not for all those “holding the ropes.” Will you hold the ropes for William Carey University students as they prepare for their call through education?

You can hold the ropes by praying and supporting William Carey University financially. Join a growing number of generous individuals, corporations, and foundations who are partnering with William Carey University to extend our mission and deepen our resources.

Gifts of any amount are of great value to the mission and future of the university. Not only does giving to Carey benefit students in a Christ-centered environment, but each gift is 100% tax-deductible* and may be given as a direct gift or a deferred gift such as a bequest, a gift of property, a life insurance policy, or a trust.

Please explore this website for ways that you can give and/or opportunities that may meet your giving interest.

* Complete tax deductibility requires that no good or services were received as a result of the gift.

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