Speech Communication

At William Carey University, we value the spoken word. Speech Communication is an interdisciplinary field of study that centralizes the human phenomenon of communication. Because of its integrative nature, speech communication is applicable to an array of professional and even ministerial fields: Law, Teaching, Pastoring, Counseling, Apologetics, and even Missions. Our classes cover the meaning and importance of communication through a diverse spectrum of courses, including Interpersonal Communication, Public Debate and Advocacy, Rhetorical Theory, Political Communication, Persuasion, and many more.

Speech Communication is such a versatile major, it prepares you for multiple professional fields. In a recent article published by the National Communication Association, they report that Communication was ranked as one of the top ten versatile majors in a 2019 LinkedIn report covered by Market Watch“The report ranks Communication at number seven, ahead of computer science, information technology, and sociology. The LinkedIn report suggests that choice of specific major may not be tied to career trajectory, highlighting the importance of choosing a versatile major.” Therefore, our overarching goal for students who choose to pursue Speech Communication is to shape them to be servant communicators who impact others through the spoken word in array of professional fields. 

If you are interested in declaring Speech Communication as a major, please contact Dr. Brandon Knight (BKnight@wmcarey.edu).

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