Our partners in clinical education provide welcoming, enriching, and supportive environments that challenge and prepare our students for independent practice. We greatly appreciate the time and effort our clinical education instructors invest into mentoring our physical therapy students. Our clinical partners are a vital part of our physical therapy program!

Below are forms and information that may assist you in partnering as a clinical site and clinical instructor. Students are responsible for providing you with all required forms, but we encourage you to select any of the additional forms listed below that you feel will enhance the clinical experience.


Eligibility Requirements for Students to participate in clinical education are listed.

Eligibility Requirements for Clinical Instructors to partner with WCU-DPT are listed.

William Carey DPT Curriculum

Curriculum provides a chart of the classroom curriculum and timing of courses.

Course Descriptions provide course content.

Assessment Forms

Self-Assessment for Clinical Instructors is provided for CI's who wish to reflect on their clinical instruction.

Clinical Feedback Form allows you to give your thoughts and suggestions to the faculty at Carey regarding the curriculum that prepares students for the clinical experience and the readiness of the students for the clinical experience. We value your input.

Additional Resources

Reference Manual for Center Coordinators of Clinical Education is a reference provided by the APTA with instructions and suggestions for setting up a clinical education affiliation at your facility.

Clinical Site Information Form is provided by the APTA and may be filled out to provide additional information regarding your facility and clinical instructors. If filled out online, this information can be accessed by other schools with whom you have a contract.

CSIF Web Instructions for a CCCE On-line will allow your facility information to be viewed by other schools with whom you have a contract.

Additional Clinical Education Resources from the APTA may answer any questions you may have concerning clinical teaching.

WCU-DPT Handbook, Part II includes all rules and regulations related to clinical education          

Southern Clinical Education Consortium

Thank you for partnering with William Carey DPT! Your role in our physical therapist education program is essential. We are always interested in your feedback on the readiness of the students, the timing of the clinical education experiences, apparent weaknesses and strengths of the course work and lab sessions, and suggestions for improving our program.

In addition, if you have ANY problems or questions with a William Carey DPT student during their clinical experience with you, please do not hesitate to contact the DCE at jkennedy@wmcarey.edu, or 601-318-6335.

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