Once a student has registered for classes, financial arrangements must be made with the Business Office prior to the first day of the trimester.   A student's registration status will remain unofficial until such time the student has contacted the business office and made the required minimum payment and/or has been APPROVED for enough financial aid to satisfy all costs associated with attending school for the enrolled trimester.  At the time the student has completed all financial arrangements, the business office will update the student's status to OFFICIAL and give him/her an official registration copy. This official copy is important because it must be presented to your professors as verification that you have completed all registration requirements. 

Returning Students

Students who have failed to complete financial arrangements by the Thursday prior to the first day of classes will be charged a $50.00 late fee. Students who have not made payment arrangements by the Friday of the first week of class will be charged another $50 late payment fee.

New Students

New students registering on the Friday prior to the beginning of the trimester will not be charged a late payment fee if payment arrangements are made by 5 p.m.  Students registering after the pre-registration period will not receive a bill by mail, but can make a payment in the Indigo Portal or come to the business office for a copy of the schedule of classes.

You may also visit or contact the Business Office to make payment arrangements.

Allowing Others to Conduct Business for the Student

Should a student wish to allow a parent or other related individual to discuss financial information with the business office, a form giving "Permission to Release Information to a Third Party" must be completed and signed in the Business Office and witnessed by a WCU employee.  If this form is not in place, the Business Office personnel cannot discuss or release any information concerning the account to a person other than the student.  This form is available here and in the Business Office at any of our campus locations.  It is still the student's responsibility to make sure that the registration process has been completed by the deadline.

FERPA/Student Privacy Notice

Important Billing Notice

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