Our first QEP Cohort began in the fall of 2019 in the areas of chemistry, English, math, history, nursing, and music therapy. To participate in upcoming 2020-2021 cohorts please follow the following process:

  1. If you are interested in participating in the QEP, first go and speak to an advisor or faculty member in your academic discipline to let them know of your interest to participate. 
  2. After you have spoken to an advisor or faculty member in your area of study, then complete the QEP application HERE.
  3. Once you have downloaded and completed the application, scan it as one file and email it to QEP@wmcarey.edu. In the subject line put "QEP Application - First Name - Last Name"
  4. Once the application has been emailed, it will be forwarded to the appropriate personnel. 
  5. Within fifteen working days of application submission, someone from your academic department will contact you.

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