Housing Standards

Within the William Carey University residence hall community, each student is dedicated to personal and academic excellence. While attending WCU, residents are expected to demonstrate respect, integrity, and compassion in every aspect of their lives.

The following points are expected of every resident:

  • A respect for the hall environment and the university property
  • A respect for the differences that exist among residents
  • A respect for language that is appropriate—never obscene, intimidating, or demeaning
  • A respect for noise levels, with understanding how non-intentional personal noise affects others in the residential community
  • A commitment to academic study and to class attendance
  • A respect for residence staff and compliance to all policies and procedures
  • A commitment to honesty and integrity
  • A respect for all safety precautions and adherence to safety practices
  • A respect to zero tolerance for alcohol, tobacco products, pornography, and drugs

Notice of Policy

William Carey University reserves the right to enter into any university owned housing, or any student's automobile that is on campus, whether or not the student is a boarding student, with or without the student's presence, for the purpose of maintenance, repairs, inspections, health, safety, fire reasons, or with the reasonable belief that a Federal/State law or University policy has been violated. The search must be made by two or more University officials or security officers. Any evidence related to a violation of any law or university policy that is found in such searches may be seized. In the event that any items are seized, an itemized list of such items will be prepared at the conclusion of the search and signed by all officials present and a copy provided to the student.

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