At the William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine (WCUCOM), we strive to educate and train our graduates to meet the unique healthcare needs of a diverse global society. Global health places population health into a global worldwide context. Global health places a priority on reducing health disparities and achieving health equity for people worldwide. Global health also strives to protect populations around the world from global health threats such as infectious diseases, humanitarian crises, and the growing burden of non-communicable diseases.

WCUCOM is excited to offer a Global Health Track in partnership with the Institute for International Medicine (INMED) to educate students regarding health challenges around the world. The Global Health Track will provide motivated students with a distinctive opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills in the areas of cultural competency, global disease, and international healthcare systems. A goal of the Global Health Track will also be to provide mentorship to students interested in pursuing global health involvement in their future careers.

The Global Health Track will require a four-year commitment from students in good academic and professional standing. The program will engage students in a longitudinal curriculum designed to provide them with a strong knowledge of the fundamentals of global health. Global Health Track students will also be given the opportunity to travel abroad to apply their knowledge in a clinical setting where they will experience both the difficulty and reward of caring for individuals in a global arena. 

Students can choose one of the following curricular paths:

Professional Diploma in International Medicine & Public Health (15 credit hours)
Professional Certificate Course in International Medicine & Public Health + International Service Learning Experience

Professional Master's in International Health (32 credit hours)
Professional Certificate Course in International Medicine & Public Health + Professional Certificate Course in Epidemiology + Elective Courses + International Service Learning Experience + Scholarly Project

Global Health Track Application
Institute for International Medicine

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