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Degree Plans and Applications

All students planning to graduate must complete an application for degree.  Students are responsible for knowing and completing all the requirements for their degrees as outlined in the catalog. The student should use the following steps regarding the degree application.

Guidelines for Completing Application for Degree

If you have problems with these forms, please call the Registrar’s Office, 601-318-6195.

Review the options of degree applications and select the appropriate degree form; i.e, BA (Bachelor of Arts), BS (Bachelor of Science), etc.

    1. Download the appropriate degree application.
    2. Use an unofficial transcript obtained from the Indigo Student Portal to input the data.Complete the bio data. Please use your official name(s) only. No nicknames.
    3. Enter the course number and grades for the classes that you have completed. For the classes you have not yet taken, the Registrar’s Office will fill that in upon completion.
    4. Meet with your advisor to ensure all classes are or will be completed in the upcoming trimesters. Print the final draft of the degree application and obtain the appropriate signatures.
    5. Upload the signed Degree Application via the link provided to file your degree your degree application.
File Application

The deadline to apply for a degree is: 

  • October 15 for February completion,
  • October 15 for May commencement, and
  • March 31 for August commencement, and 
  • March 31 for November completion.                  

Applications submitted after this deadline will be charged a late fee in the following progression:

  • Within the first 30 days of the initial deadline: $50
  • 60 days after the initial deadline: $100
  • 90 days after the initial deadline: $150

Applications will NOT be accepted later than one month before graduation due to processing, printing of programs, and printing of diplomas.

Preparing for Graduation

Depending on the student’s degree, several items need to be addressed before graduation to prepare for ‘life’ after commencement.


Students seeking Education degrees should meet with the Education Department to fill out the licensure application (if needed) and request a transcript from the Registrar’s Office to be sent after the degree has been conferred. The student also needs to update their information in ELMS. Transcripts sent to Mississippi Department of Education should be requested to be sent electronically to transcript@mdek12.org.


Students seeking Nursing degrees should meet with the Nursing Department to fill out the licensure application, and complete any state requirements. Then, request a transcript from the Registrar’s Office to be sent after the degree has been conferred.


The transcript request form is available on the William Carey University home page. The fee is $11.00 per transcript.

Transcripts are issued within five business days provided all University Holds have been cleared.  Status updates are provided on the Parchment website after your request is submitted. If there is a hold on your account, you will be notified on your Parchment account. Holds and payment blocks will delay processing.    

As you approach graduation…         

You will receive several emailed** letters to your William Carey University (WCU) student email concerning graduation. Depending on the date the degree application is filed, the Degree Audit Letter will be the first letter you receive. This email will be sent before your last trimester begins. If there are classes you still have to take, those will be listed, as well as any other details you may need to complete. You can also check this information on the Indigo Student Portal under Check Student Status.

The Commencement Details Letter from the University Registrar, contains more news about the commencement ceremonies. This email will include details about the date and time of your ceremony and your cap and gown order, as well as information about the photographers that will be at the ceremonies. If you need any accommodations to make your way across the stage, please contact the Registrar any time prior to your commencement ceremony with instructions of what you need.

Finally, you will receive a Congratulatory Letter within the last two weeks before the ceremonies. It will contain information about commencement etiquette and of what will be expected of you at the ceremony.

**Remember to check your WCU student email for these letters. Official emails will not be sent to personal email addresses due to potential FERPA violations.

Please refer to the WCU Commencement webpage for updated information.

If you are unable to attend the commencement ceremony, fill out the Graduate in Absentia form. You can choose to pick up your diploma from the Hattiesburg campus the week after graduation, or your diploma can be mailed to you for a small fee ($20 mailing fee).

Degrees - check back for future updates


Biological Sciences


  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Business (Accounting) - Must see advisor for degree plan
  • Bachelor of Science in Business (Computer Information Systems) - Must see advisor for degree plan
  • Bachelor of Science in Business (Finance) - Must see advisor for degree plan
  • Bachelor of Science in Business (Management & Marketing) - Must see advisor for degree plan
  • Master of Business Administration - Must see advisor for degree plan
  • Master of Business Administration/Master of Science in Nursing

Criminal Justice





Health Sciences

Physical Therapy




College of Osteopathic Medicine

All candidates for 2023 graduation are required to file applications for their degree by January 31, 2023. Degree applications received after January 31, 2023, will be assessed a late fee of $200.00. The late and final deadline for all applications to be received is February 15, 2023. The fee will be charged to your student account, and your balance must be clear before receiving your diploma.

Guidelines for Completing Application for Degree

  • Enter all information on the form before downloading and printing it.
  • Enter only your official name (no nicknames) that you wish to be on your diploma.
  • Complete all the information at the top of the form.
  • The courses have been filled in for you. You will only have to fill in your grades earned and hours for specific courses by the deadline date.
  • Leave the grades blank for courses that are not graded on your transcript/or completed by the application deadline.
  • After all information has been entered, download the form, and return with your signature to the Assistant to the Registrar of the WCU COM. The form must be reviewed and signed by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs of the WCU COM and the Assistant to the Registrar of the WCU COM before being turned in to the WCU registrar's office.

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