When Is an Account Considered Past Due?

Any amount owed to the University including, but not limited to, tuition, fees (including late fees), room, board, loans, and amounts due for goods and services provided is considered a receivable to the University. A receivable becomes past due if payment is not received in the Business Office by the payment due date see Completing the Registration Process.  At this point a $50.00 late payment fee will be charged.

At the end of the first week of class an additional $50 late fee is applied to the accounts of students who have not completed the registration process by paying their balance in full, setting up on deferred payment, or making sure they have enough financial aid in place to cover their balance.

In addition, a $15.00 late payment fee is assessed on each deferred payment not made on a timely basis.  Students will not be allowed to register for another term or receive an official transcript until payment is made in full.  Statements are mailed out monthly on accounts with an outstanding balance.

Students are responsible for notifying the Business Office of any address changes in order for statements to be received in a timely manner. To download a change of address form, please click here.   Any changes or questions can be addressed to businessoffice@wmcarey.edu, faxed to 601 318 6418, or mailed to the Business Office on your campus.  The main campus mailing address is 710 William Carey Parkway, Box 2, Hattiesburg, Ms 39401. (Note: In order to change address on file for grades, the Registrar's Office should be notified on the same form).
Non-receipt of statements is not considered a valid excuse for non-payment.  It is the responsibility of the individual (the student) who has incurred the debt to see that the debt is paid promptly.

When is an account considered Delinquent?

An account becomes delinquent after the second deferred payment due date has passed.  If satisfactory payment arrangements cannot be made, the Business Office will send a registered letter to the last known address with a final request for payment.  If no response is received within ten days, the account will be sent to a collection agency.  The collection agency will bill for the balance owed to WCU plus up to an additional 50% for their fee.  The student will be responsible for paying the collection costs as stated on the Registration Form in the section "Acknowledgement of Financial Responsibility."

How Will a Business Office Hold Affect my Status?

When an account is not paid in full by the deferred payment due date, the Business Office will place a "HOLD" on a student's record. This "HOLD" restricts the ability to receive official transcripts, diplomas, or register for future academic terms. Once established, the "HOLD" remains in place until the debt is paid in full.

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