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Information on this webpage is provided as a resource to WCUCOM students and preceptors. Additional materials will be added over time with the aim of providing easily accessible materials for individuals working across a variety of clinical education settings.

Early Clinical Training Experiences

During OMS1 and OMS2, many students participate in early clinical field visit experiences at area health clinics and engage in clinical job shadowing with health care professionals in the community.

OMS1 and OMS2 Clinical Education Resources:
Job Shadow Form
Early Clinical Experience Form

Community-Based Clerkship Training

Community-based training provides an excellent venue for OMS3 and OMS4 clerkships and affords WCUCOM the best opportunity of achieving its mission of training primary care physicians for rural and underserved areas of the Gulf South. WCUCOM has partnered with numerous hospitals to achieve this goal and has organized training around "Hub Sites."

Hub Sites are clinical training sites capable of providing all of the Core and Selective Rotations within an hour's drive of a central location. Osteopathic medical students in their third and fourth years (OMS3, OMS4) will reside and participate in the communities in which they are training. WCUCOM students will complete 20 months of rotations, 10 at their respective hub sites.

Rotations occur on a monthly basis, starting the first day of each calendar month and ending on the last day of the month, regardless of the number of days. Any time taken off during a rotation is scheduled at the discretion of the preceptor with the approval of the Associate Dean, Clinical Sciences. Students must complete 10 months of required and assigned rotations in their 3rd year. Students must also complete 10 months of rotations in their 4th year. In the 4th year, students are required to complete 4 months of selectives and 4 months of electives. All 4th year rotations must be approved by the Associate Dean, Clinical Sciences.

OMS3 Required and Assigned Rotations

  • Family Medicine, 2 months
  • Internal Medicine, 2 months
  • Pediatrics, 1 month
  • Emergency Medicine, 1 months
  • General Surgery, 2 months
  • OB/GYN, 1 month
  • Mental Health, 1 month

Course Descriptions OMS 4
Advanced Clinical Integration—OMS 8000

This course prepares students for the increased responsibilities and expectations that they will encounter in their OMS 4 year. This on campus experience incorporates hands on OMT review, study and review for the COMLEX-USA Level 2-CE, clinical simulation and professional development sessions.

Clinical Elective- OMS 8030                                        

This course is an OMS 4 elective clerkship that may be used for an experience in any clinical setting. The selection must involve the student directly in patient care.

Elective Rotations
Thirty-six weeks of elective rotations to be selected by the student and approved by the WCUCOM Associate Dean, Clinical Sciences.  These elective rotations are restricted as follows:

  • 16 weeks must be a medicine elective;
  • 16 weeks must be a surgical elective;
  • 4 weeks may be used for clinical experiences in any specialty or in a nonclinical setting (e.g., Medical education, research, etc.); and
  • No more than 12 weeks may be scheduled in the same specialty/subspecialty.


Directed study electives may be selected when a student is mandated to take time off during his/her academic program to work on independent study topics (for example, a student taking time off from rotations to study for COMLEX).  During a directed study period, students are actively enrolled at WCUCOM.  Credits from directed study may not be substituted for rotation requirements.

OMS3 and OMS4 Clinical Education Resources:
Travel Request Form
OMS4 Rotation Request Form
WCUCOM Catalog/Handbook
WCUCOM Clinical Sciences Manual

WCUCOM Preceptors

A preceptor is an experienced practitioner who provides role support and learning experiences to students during their monthly rotations. A preceptor assists students in acquiring clinical skills required for safe, ethical, and quality practice.

The value placed on clinicians that foster the academic and clinical growth in our students is immeasurable. We are always looking for new preceptors. If you or anyone you know is interested in joining our program, please contact our office at 601-318-6094.

Preceptor Facts:

  1. Appointed WCUCOM Adjunct Clinical Faculty
  2. Access to WCUCOM Library
    • Health Science databases combine to provide access to approximately 4,600 e-journals
    • Quick links available for Health Science Databases, Medical Ebooks, Off-campus Access, Library Hours of Operation, Getting Help, etc.
    • Quick links available for e-journal databases like MEDLINE with Full-Text & PubMed, plus e-book databases like AccessMedicine & R2 Digital Library
    • Access to DynaMed, which is designed primarily as a point-of-care resource conducive to handheld devices
  3. CME Credit
  4. Payment for each third year student assigned

Preceptor Resources:
Preceptor Agreement
Preceptor Fact Sheet
Preceptor Donation Form
Preceptor Evaluation of Student Form
Library Health Resources Page


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