Child Advocacy Studies Training (CAST) is a nationally recognized curriculum to train students how to effectively address child abuse and neglect in real world applications through Multidisciplinary Team coordination.

WCUCOM is the first osteopathic medical school in the country (and 2nd of all medical schools MD or DO) to offer the CAST curriculum. All first year osteopathic medical students participate in a required CAST didactic lecture and problem-based learning simulation facilitated by a multidisciplinary team of faculty and community members. Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in a 2-hour observation at a local children’s advocacy center (CAC), where they are able to gain first-hand experience through their interaction with a multidisciplinary team at work.

All fourth year medical students have the opportunity to participate in a 4-week CAST elective to further enhance their knowledge as it relates to child maltreatment and child advocacy skills.


Project FORECAST is a unique educational experience that’s designed to help current and future child-serving professionals make better decisions in situations involving childhood trauma. Our interactive trainings simulate real-world scenarios and can better prepare participants for the complex challenges of trauma-informed care.

Project FORECAST simulations were designed by some of the nation’s top experts in child advocacy and are based on real-world situations child-serving professionals encounter. Led by certified facilitators, participants will role-play, observe, and see the impact of their decisions in real-time.

Project FORECAST aims to develop training partnerships between universities with Child Advocacy Studies (CAST) programs and their local workforces. Together, we can increase retention of current professionals, better facilitate transitions into the workforce, and improve the competence of those entering a child-serving sector.

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Zero Abuse Project

Zero Abuse Project is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to transforming institutions in order to effectively prevent, recognize, and respond to child sexual abuse.

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