The Entertainment wireless network was created to allow students to connect numerous devices to wireless that were previously disallowed on the WCU wireless network due to their lack of support for enterprise-grade security and encryption. This network will support gaming consoles, late model phones, TVs, and some wireless printers.

You must register your devices in the Indigo Portal,, if you would like to connect your device to the Entertainment network.

After registering your device, please wait 1 hour then attempt to connect your device to the network: Entertainment. If you are still unable to connect, students should open a support request with the Helpdesk at Staff should open a support request at or by emailing

Please note that you are entirely responsible for any network activity that originates from any device registered under your account in the Indigo Portal. If you register a device with your account and activity which violates university policy or the law is detected from the device, you will face disciplinary action which could include denial of university network usage or dismissal from the university.

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