Security is available at all times at 601-318-6300 in Hattiesburg and 228-223-1807 in Tradition.

Security for William Carey’s Tradition and Hattiesburg campuses is a 24-hour contracted service with the responsibility of providing a safe and secure environment for student, faculty, and staff. This office is under the direct supervision of the director of facilities.

Officers on the Hattiesburg campus are located at the main entrance to the campus and on patrol. As the Hattiesburg campus is residential, additional security are posted for evening hours and to maintain a check-in roster at night. Security personnel maintain close contact with housing directors and the residential complex. On the Gulfport campus, a security patrol has been established to ensure the safety of commuter students and campus property.

The William Carey University security personnel are discharged to uphold the university rules and regulations as well as protect these campuses from outside threats. Security at the institution is not armed police, but official, daily reports are made to administration of any misconduct and how it was discharged. Hattiesburg and Gulfport police are utilized for all imminent dangerous or threatening situations.