William Carey’s goal is to continue to serve those who have served us.

William Carey University offers a discounted tuition rate for all military students. The university provides an opportunity for all current active duty and retired military students to start or complete their educational goals. The benefits of this program will extend to the dependents of the service men and women. In order to qualify for this program William Carey is offering, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Military personnel or his/her dependent
  2. Full or part-time student
  3. Bachelor or master degree seeking student
  4. 2.50 minimum cumulative GPA
  5. In-person or online courses
  6. Eligibility for military benefits through the VA or other sources does not affect eligibility for this discount.
  7. The military discount reduces your tuition rate by at least 45%; therefore, any internal scholarships you may have been awarded will be reduced by the same percentage.

This discount is automatically applied if the student uses VA benefits; however, it is NOT associated with the VA. This a discount provided by William Carey University. The Military Tuition Discount will only reduce the tuition per hour rate. All other fees will remain the same.

If you would like to use VA Benefits, contact Haleigh Bernard ( hbernard@wmcarey.edu) if you are a Hattiesburg student, or Amanda Knesal ( acraft@wmcarey.edu) if you are a Tradition student.

If you would like to only use the discount, contact Janine Garvin ( jgarvin@wmcarey.edu). You will need to provide proof of military service.

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