William Carey University engages continuously in evaluation of its academic programs and administrative units.  In an effort to engage in an ongoing quest for quality, the University maintains a comprehensive system of planning and evaluation in all major aspects of the institution.

The University’s Mission Statement is used as the foundation for this evaluation.  A variety of assessment methods is used, and the results are implemented to improve both the education programs and support activities.  Educational quality is determined by how effectively the institution achieves its established goals.

As a Christian university which embraces its Baptist heritage and namesake, William Carey University provides quality educational programs, within a caring Christian academic community, which challenge the individual student to excel in scholarship, leadership, and service in a diverse global society.

The results of the University’s assessment procedures are incorporated annually into the University’s planning process in order to achieve continual improvement in programs and services.  The University revises its institutional goals on an annual basis, and this annual process of evaluation and planning reflects broad-based campus-wide involvement of faculty, staff, students, administrators, and the board of trustees.

In addition, all of the University’s academic programs and administrative units annually undergo a similar process of planning and evaluation.  Every department or units develops an annual planning and evaluation model that finds its foundation in the University mission statement and the University-wide adopted goals and strategies (i.e., Institutional Plan) that issue from the mission statement.

Our institutional effectiveness program uses the 5-column evaluative model to define our departmental objectives, how our objectives will effect student outcomes, how the objectives will be assessed, the results of assessment, and how the results will be used for future planning.

Departments will find our effectiveness program templates for each year below:

Our institutional plan provides specific objectives to ensure that we are fulfilling our mission. You can review our previous institutional plans below: