WCU Welcomes New Faculty and Staff

Hattiesburg, Miss., September 4, 2013 - William Carey University recognized new employees during the Faculty and Staff General Assembly on August 22. Dr. Tommy King, president of WCU, led the assembly, which also included presentation of service awards, a challenge to the WCU family and, and a blessing of the 2013-2014 school year by Dr. Daniel Caldwell, dean of the Cooper School of Missions and Biblical Studies.

New faculty members include Nicole Aranda, public services librarian; Dr. Tammie Brown, interim dean, school of education; Dr. Jacob Chapman, assistant professor of mathematics; Dr. Paul Chastain, assistant professor of biomedical science; Dr. Hugh Donohoe, instructor of library science/reference and instruction librarian; Dr. Edward Ford, assistant professor of graphic design/Lucile Parker Gallery director; Angela Garrett, assistant professor of health information management/health information management program director; Joe Hartfield, III, instructor of physical education; Dr. David McWhorter, professor of biomedical sciences/coordinator of faculty development; Jeremy Morgan, assistant professor of music; Dr. Kerrick Nevels, assistant professor of chemistry; Dr. Willie Pierce, professor of higher education administration; Dr. Barry Prior, assistant professor of biomedical science; Dr. Dennis Rau, Jr., assistant professor of clinical science; Dr. Mike Reed, assistant professor of educational leadership; Dr. Samuel Scott, professor of biomedical science; Dr. Shirley Scott, assistant professor of biomedical science, and Dr. Leslie Wimsatt, professor of medical education/associate dean of academic affairs in the College of Osteopathic Medicine.

New staff members include Alex Blevins, Rachel Bradley, Evan Broom, Shelia Brown, Eric Burt, Kathleen Cameron, Pamela Cayten, Cathi Clearman, Daniel Covert, Donna Davidson, Mallorie Davis, Mike DeLorenze, Jackie Godshaw, Lauren Hall, Brandi Hall, Blake Hegstrom, Rebecca Holland, Wansa Jackson, Ryan Kelly, Mari Kenney, Bill Kortier, Bridgette Lee, Shane McInnis, Makayla Merritt, Kayla Morgan, Tina Nevels, Belinda Newman, Keeyon Scott, James Slowey, Donna Smith, Liz Smith-Trigg, Debbie Terrell, Bridget Vanover, Kristina Wheat, Kathrin White, Josh Wilson, and Nafiyah Younes.


Pictured are (top) New Faculty Members at William Carey University and (bottom) New Staff Members at WCU.