Dr. Cotten Speaks on Mental Health for WCU Lecture Series

Hattiesburg, Miss., March 1, 2013 - Dr. Paul Cotten, professor of psychology at William Carey University, presented a lecture titled, “Mental Health Services:  From Institutional to Deinstitutional” on Thursday, February 28 in the Lucile Parker Gallery at WCU. This lecture was one in the WCU’s University Lecture Series.

The presentation addressed the mental health service system in Mississippi from its origin of being completely dependent upon the large state hospital to the current system of regional and local services for those who are able to be treated appropriately.  The model today utilized is one of “deinstitutionalization” as contrasted with transinstitutionalization, in which the mentally ill are alternately and repeatedly routed between the mental health and criminal justice systems. The presentation also addressed factors which have influenced the options available to individuals in need and their families. The goal with this change in process is to provide the support and assistance mentally ill persons need while at the same time not fostering the individual to become dependent upon the system.

The next university lecture in the series will be on Wednesday, March 20, at 3 p.m. in the Lucile Parker Gallery. The presenter will be Dr. Mark Malone, professor of music, and he will give a lecture on the history of jazz in Mississippi.