NCTQ Standard 11 - Lesson Planning

The program trains teacher candidates how to plan lessons.

Standard applies to: Elementary and Secondary Programs

Project or portfolio assignments associated with either student teaching, an exit requirement or licensure demonstrate that the program expects the teacher candidate to meet the following challenges of instructional design for the classroom:

Indicators that the program meets the standard:

11.1 Identifying technology applications that will boost instruction and how they will do so;

11.2 Anchoring instruction in the state's K-12 learning standards and/or the Common Core state standards as appropriate;

11.3 Addressing the needs of English-language learners;

11.4 Accommodating students with special needs;

11.5 Extending instruction for students who have demonstrated proficiency in relevant standards;

11.6 In addition, none of the program's instructional planning assignments encourage candidates to use pseudo-scientific methods of instruction;

11.7 In addition, the program requires that throughout their student teaching experience, teacher candidates develop written instructional plans whose content follows explicit instructional guidelines.