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William Carey Chemistry & Physical Science students are routinely selected as summer interns at sites throughout the United States. Recent students have worked at Kent State University, University of Alabama, University of Southern Mississippi, University of Pittsburgh, and the USDA Agricultural Research Center at Poplarville, MS. Currently, the Department has alumni in graduate school at University of Alabama, Carnegie Mellon University, and University of Southern Mississippi and in medical school at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and Yale University Medical Center.

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We offer a major program of study leading to an undergraduate chemistry degree as well as provide chemistry and physics coursework in support of other degree programs.

Chemistry is focused on the study of matter and the changes it undergoes; as such chemistry encompasses a broad spectrum of fields including biochemistry, medicine, meteorology, engineering, archaeology, electronics and psychology.

After a four-year undergraduate program in chemistry, our graduates work in government, industry, or education; others pursue further education—including graduate school, medical school, pharmacy school, or other health professions.

If you are considering a major in chemistry or just want to learn more about our department, please contact us to schedule a visit with a faculty advisor. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Embark on a journey to discover your passion and purpose at William Carey University. Here, education goes beyond textbooks, blending innovation, faith, and learning to prepare you for not just a career, but a calling.

Meet the Chair

Dr. Mary Mackey

Mary Mackey joined William Carey University in 2014 and currently serves as Chair of Chemistry and Physical Sciences. Dr. Mackey has overseen a number of activities for the department, including an MS-INBRE grant and the addition of ACS examinations to the curriculum. She remains committed to a philosophy of improvement for students and faculty alike.

Dr. Mackey earned her PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Southern Mississippi, where her research focused on separation science for fullerenes using functionalized silica gel, MALDI-TOF, and HPLC. Her dissertation -- Exploration in Metallic Nitride Fullerenes and Oxometallic Fullerenes: A New Class of Metallofullerenes -- included the development of a novel separation method as well as the discovery of several new molecules; this research was funded by the National Science Foundation Graduate Student Research Fellowship (NSF GRFP).

Whenever possible, Dr. Mackey enjoys traveling to new places, and she has participated in exchange programs at Exeter University in England during her undergraduate studies, at UC Davis in California while completing her graduate degree, and at Linyi University in China as a faculty member.

  • PhD, Analytical Chemistry | The University of Southern Mississippi
  • Bachelor of Science, Chemistry (ACS Certified) | The University of Southern Mississippi