Message from the Dean

After serving 28 years in the K-12 education system of Mississippi, it is an honor to be serving education in another capacity as Dean of the School of Education at William Carey University.  This is probably the most important time in education in our nation's history as we strive to prepare our students so they can not only compete on a national basis but also globally.  To accomplish that, we will have to have quality and innovative teachers graduating and entering the field of education.

One of the many reasons I came to work at Carey was the relationship that I was able to develop with the School of Education as a principal and superintendent for over 17 years.  The quality of the Carey education graduates along with the tremendous partnership that the School of Education forged with local school districts made WCU my most valuable resource as a school leader.  Having served as an adjunct professor at WCU for over a decade, I also knew that there are many qualified, caring, experienced and talented teachers here who are always willing to be there for their students.

With an enrollment of over 1,000 students, the WCU School of Education is growing to be one of distinction with the many programs and degrees that are available to our undergraduate and graduate students.  We currently boast 17 graduate and 9 undergraduate programs and offer a total of 5 online degrees (4 graduate and 1 undergraduate).  Our students have also had the opportunity to have international internships in London, South Africa, China and Mexico.

We hope that you will take time to visit us and let us show you in person what a great place William Carey University is and how much we would love to serve you as a student in the School of Education.

Dr. Ben Burnett

Dr. Burnett's Perry County Presentation