International Internships / World Projects

Guidelines & Requirements


CAPA International Education, a personalized study abroad program, allows you as a student to select and choreograph your individual study abroad experience. The application process begins with necessary documents needed for university approval and travel, one of the most crucial a Student Visa, however, the selection process follows suite. CAPA offers a variety of sights with locations in Beijing, Buenos Ares, Dublin, Florence, Istanbul, London, Shanghai, and Sydney. As a side note, bilingual skills are not required to apply for the CAPA program, but it is highly suggested that students read up on the current events, cultural norms, and demographic of their selected location. Besides destination variety, CAPA boasts an eclectic assortment of classes that are most specific to the site at hand. So, while considering where to study, take a moment and invest a half hour reading through class lists; the classes can quickly become a weekly favorite as they are constructed from different educational disciplines and standards than most we have grown accustom. Several of CAPA's teaching staff are fresh from the field, and offer current advice about employment and developments in their field. Culture quickly ties into the program, not only because students simply live 'abroad,' but through the MyEducation system. MyEducation is provided within the CAPA program and incorporates theme-based learning through cultural events scheduled into the school calendar. This means that several opportunities for day-trips, viewing tourist attractions, and various culturally unique experiences are already approved and woven into the school schedule for students. It is not required to attend every MyEducation event, but, again, it is highly recommended for enrichment purposes, attaining free services, and experiencing the local with fellow students. The biggest incentive, amongst the previously listed, for students to apply to CAPA is their extremely large Global Internship Program. Internships are great boosters for resumes, especially with the common verdict of employers that potential employees need experience in their fields previous to actual employment! "CAPA internships are available for all majors and are a great opportunity to work with locals and enhance your resume! Build professional skills and gain perspective as you engage a network of international contacts in your field (CAPA International Education, 2013)." The key words to remember are international contacts and Global Intern; worthwhile and fascinating badges to wear to an interview. The application process to be an intern with CAPA can be a bit thought provoking, as the online application asks very specific questions as to what educational aspects are expected, what strengths and weaknesses are possessed, and what working environment the intern would most prefer. CAPA will then take this application and match intern sites with the particular replies given. A tip this author would give is for the applicant to research the area they wish to travel to for potential intern sites, and email a list of these sites to CAPA asking if intern positions are available for the list provided. This helps CAPA know the exact work environment preferred as well as illuminating applicant personality and preference.


Experiencing Your City

Currently, I am enrolled at the CAPA London site. London is a city that over grew its original boundaries, and consumed all other surrounding small cities and boroughs, assimilating them into the melting pot that is London culture and city life. The boroughs and multiple markets contained within London's maze of streets and circuses boast the attitudes of the swallowed suburbs and towns with varied architectures, street art, and historical sights. Dense historical cities like London can be intimidating to navigate, but what has been very helpful for several abroad journeys are resources to local universities and student amenities provided by CAPA. Essentially through staying connected to various collegiate institutions students are open to even more free activities much like those incorporated in the MyEducation events. So, networking is very important for fully experiencing your study abroad site, but it is possible! Internship sites also help drastically with connecting to the community. As mentioned above internships can be found pertaining to any major; this means that students not only gain new connective networks amongst fellow study abroad students but also networks with foreign business and community leaders. Internship connections can give you references for resumes, advice for success in your specific industry, and mentors to potentially start projects with. Bearing these things in mind CAPA International Education can definitely be valued for its connection capabilities and stands apart for the cultural context to be gained through its personalized study abroad program.