Hattiesburg Faculty and Staff

Elizabeth McClain

Associate Professor of Medical Education & Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

Anna Sterling

Director of Housing
(601) 318-6102

Robert C. Bateman, Jr., PhD

Associate Dean, Research and Professor of Biomedical Sciences (Biochemistry)
(601) 318-6016

Dick Vogel

Senior Project Manager
(601) 318-6762

Rance McClain

Professor of Clinical Sciences & Associate Dean, Clinical Sciences

Grant Guthrie

Vice President for Business Affairs/Chief Financial Officer
(601) 318-6193

Valerie Bridgeforth

Vice President of Student Support
(601) 318-6102

Benjamin Burnett

Dean of Education
(601) 318-6144

Bob Blevins

Director of Facilities, Grounds and Maintenance
(601) 318-6155

Barbara Hamilton

Executive Assistant to the President/Grant Writer
(601) 318-6524

Gayle Knight

(601) 318-6195

Terry Ingram

Assistant Professor of Education

Edward Ford

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design and Gallery Director

Chatham Kemp

Gallery Curator/Assistant Professor of Art
(601) 318-6528

Jonathan Brooke

Assistant Professor of History
(601) 318-6675

Josye Brookter

Assistant Professor of Language and Literature
(601) 318-6619

Cheryl Maqueda

Assistant Professor of Spanish
(601) 318-6440

Dewey Douglas

Assistant Professor of Theatre and Communication
(601) 318-6218

Marilyn Ellzey

Assistant Professor of Mass Communication/Advisor for the Cobbler and Crusader
(601) 318-6220

Jennifer Talbert

Assistant Professor of Communication and Director of Forensics
(601) 318-6775

Douglas Lipka

Assistant Professor of Biology

Everett A. Roark, PhD

Director of Master of Biomedical Science Program; Associate Dean of Pre-Professional Sciences; Associate Professor of Biomedical Science
(601) 318-6027

Shirley Scott

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

Mary Mackey

Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Physical Science

Michael McNatt

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Physics, Chair of Chemistry and Physics
(601) 318-6531