Free Throw

First-time freshmen students with an ACT composite score of 16-19 may qualify for admission to the Free Throw program to gain regular admission with free tuition for the first 12 hours. Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA on 12 hours taken over their first (summer and fall) term or first term of enrollment. First-time students with an ACT score of 20-23 may also participate in Free Throw to qualify for a higher scholarship level. To qualify, a student must not have attended another college or university following high school graduation (not including dual enrollment courses taken while in high school). Upon completion of the 12 Free Throw hours, students must then apply for regular admission to WCU and may qualify for scholarships based on the GPA in those 12 hours. (Only the William Carey GPA will be used for determining scholarships.) Free Throw students may be eligible to take up to 12 hours at another college or university for transfer back to William Carey, but only after completing 30 hours at William Carey University (including the 12 Free Throw hours). To request permission to take courses at another institution, the student must submit a request for a Letter of Good Standing to the Office of Academic Affairs. The student must have a Letter of Good Standing prior to enrolling in another college or university. Students who transfer to complete a degree at another college or university must pay tuition on the 12 Free Throw hours at the current rate at the time of transfer. More information is available in the admissions office.