Faculty development sessions

December 2013 - L Wimsatt Ph.D.

Turning Existing Research, Clinical, Educational and Academic Activities into Scholarship

December 2013 - P Gregory Ph.D.

Writing Grant Proposals for Local and Regional Funding Agencies

November 2013 - J Jones DO

Introduction to Osteopathic Manipulative Techniques and the Implications for Research

November 2013 - E Jones MD

Leveraging Technology Resources as a Way to Stay Up to Date in Primary Care
Access at: https://aoptic.adobeconnect.com/_a824683399/p2u4l74b9vf/
Password: WCUCOM

October 2013 - S Leonard Ph.D. and J Taylor Ph.D.

Introduction to Using Case-Based Studies

September 2013 - J Rosenthal Ed.D.

Toward an Understanding of Millennial Learners and Students At-Risk

August 2013 - R Powell

WCU Library and Database Searches

July 2013 - S Martin

ExamSoft Presentations and Review
ExamMaster Webinar and Overview

July 2013 - R Beaty and E Halverson

OCV Cloud Storage and Usage Training

June 2013 - S Hutchinson Ph.D.

Small Group Teaching Techniques

June 2013 - D Baker Ed.D.

MBTI and Applications in Teaching/Teaming

June 2013 - S Martin

Basic Excel Training

May 2013 - P Gregory Ph.D.

Introduction to Grant Writing
Using Effective Grant Searching Strategies

May 2013 - K Holtzman and D Swanson Ph.D.

Developing High-Quality Single-Best-Answer MCQs to Assess Application of Knowledge Using Patient Vignettes

April 2013 - T Cymet DO

Student-Centred Instructional Approaches
Engaging and Motivation Learners

April 2013 - IT Support Consultants

Turing Point Technology to Support Active Learning: Hands-On Training

March 2013 - J Jones DO

Foundations of Osteopathic Principles and Practice

March 2013 - D Roberts

Using Multimedia and Education Technology to Enhance Teaching - IAMSE Webinar

March 2013 - J Jemison

Using Technology to Promote and Assess Active Learning - IAMSE Webinar

January 2013 – I Broyles Ed.D.

Implementing Integrated Competency-Based Curricula: Biomedical/Clinical Intersections - Coming Soon!
Effective Syllabus Writing to Support Competency Development and Assessment - Coming Soon!

December 2012 – R Cuzzolino Ed.D.

Competency Mapping and Syllabi Linkages
Competency - Based Assessment Strategies
Integrated curriculum
Curriculum mapping
Intro to assessment
Audio file #1 – competencies
Audio file #2 - assessment

November 2012 - Institute of Medicine (IOM)

Learning How to Improve Health from Interprofessional Models - IOM Webinar
AAMC Annual Meeting

October 2012

Curricular Issues: Understanding Accreditation Standards
The Changing Landscape: Health Care Delivery

September 2012

The Changing Landscape within Osteopathic Medical Education
What are the Characteristics of a Competency-Based Curriculum
Competency-Based Curricular Strategies

August 2012

Teaching with D2L

July 2012

Strategic Planning

June 2012

Turning Point Technologies