Educator CEUs

In response to the need for inservice credit in Special Education and Students with Disabilities, William Carey University has developed the Students with Disabilities Module Program. Each module is $5.00 or $20.00 for the entire SWD program equaling 20 points. If you are not in a Mississippi Master Inservice Program in your school, then you will need to complete a minimum of two modulesin order to satisfy the Mississippi requirement for a CEU of 0.5 or higher.

In Florida, certificates can be earned if you are member of an association that has a Master Inservice Program. You may complete one or more of the modules.

Should you wish to be a part of the SWD Module Program, then send an application with payment filling out the information below. Make your check out to William Carey University and mail it with the application to:

William Carey University
School of Education
Dr. Barry Morris
710 William Carey Parkway
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
(601) 318-6587



Email your reservation today. Send this application with your payment.

$5.00 a module or $20.00 for the Five Module Packet.

You may begin the Modules immediately. Once your application and payment have been received, my office will process your email submissions. Remember there is no deadline for completing the Modules. When you receive a certificate of completion for a module from my office take it to the Inservice Coordinator who will place it in the Schoolmission system.


Module One – Introduction to Students with Disabilities

Module Two – Technology for Students with Disabilities

Module Three – Differentiated Instruction for Students with Disabilities

Module Four – Classroom Management for Students with Disabilities

Module Five – Teaching Strategies for Students with Disabilities

Teachers and administrators should submit Module responses to Dr. Barry Morris at Be sure to include name and school. The return email with the pass score will serve as the documentation for the school’s inservice coordinator to apply for the inservice credit with Master Inservice Program