Drawing I: (3 hours)

An introduction to drawing as a process of perception and practice. Media include charcoal, conte, and the graphite pencil.

Drawing II: (3 hours)

An introduction to the study of the human figure as an expression and reflection of nature. (Prerequisites: ART 101, ART 108.)

Drawing III: (3 hours)

An in-depth study of specific concepts and processes. Students explore the development of content and composition.

Drawing IV: (3 hours)

This course involves each student developing a body of drawings with an emphasis on individual vision and expression.

Drawing V, VI: (3 hours each)

These courses concentrate on development of a personal technique. A mastery of materials and content is also emphasized. Larger scale and advanced techniques are explored as the student progresses.

Painting I: (3 hours)

An introduction to the basic concepts and procedures in painting. (Prerequisite: ART 102.)

Painting II: (3 hours)

A continuation of Painting I with an emphasis on color, abstraction, and visual harmonics.

Painting III: (3 hours)

Development of composition and experimentation with painting techniques are emphasized in this course.

Painting IV: (3 hours)

This course involves each student in developing a body of painting that emphasizes individual vision and expression.