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Our faculty and staff aim to provide each student insight into the nature of mathematics and acquaint students with the fundamental principles underlying the field. We offer appropriate mathematics preparation to students pursuing a course of study for which certain mathematics courses are prerequisites, as well as provide training for those students whose major interest is mathematics. Through a challenging curriculum, our students are prepared to teach mathematics in the secondary schools, seek industrial employment, or pursue graduate study in mathematics.

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Dr. Ben Dribus

Dr. Ben Dribus is the Chair of the Math Department at William Carey University and a Research Associate with the WCU College of Osteopathic Medicine. He joined the WCU faculty in 2014. He holds a PhD in Mathematics from LSU. He is an active researcher in mathematics, physics, computer science, and medicine. He is a member of the Foundational Questions Institute, an international organization devoted to scientific investigation of the foundations of physics and cosmology. He has authored a Springer book on fundamental space-time structure and quantum gravity. His research is currently focused on medical applications of artificial intelligence. He has taught more than 35 different subjects at Carey, including courses in mathematics, physics, biological sciences, and nursing. His wife, Anna Brooke Dribus, is a professional musician and graduate student in the Winters School of Music. Dr. Dribus is also an active musician who regularly plays services for his church, Central Baptist in Hattiesburg.


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