Course Descriptions


CHE 101 - General Chemistry I:

(4 hours) An introduction to inorganic chemistry designed for the non-chemistry major.

CHE 111 - Inorganic Chemistry I:

(4 hours) The study of the fundamental principles of atomic structure, bonding, gas laws, liquids, solids, and electrochemistry. Prerequisite: High School Chemistry or CHE 101.

CHE 112 - Inorganic Chemistry II:

(4 hours) An introduction to thermodynamics, kinetics, acids, bases, and chemical equilibrium. Prerequisite: CHE 111.

CHE 211 - Organic Chemistry I:

(4 hours) A systematic study of the compounds of carbon covering hydrocarbons, stereochemistry, aromatic compounds and organic instrumentation. Prerequisite: CHE 111-112.

CHE 212 - Organic Chemistry II:

(4 hours) A continuation of CHE 211 covering the basic functional groups encountered in organic chemistry. Prerequisite: CHE 211.

CHE 301 - Analytical Chemistry:

(4 hours) Principles and methods of quantitative analysis. Prerequisite: CHE 112.

CHE 311 - Physical Chemistry I:

(4 hours) A thorough, relatively advanced treatment of the first major branch of P-Chem, that of thermodynamics. Derived thermodynamic relations will be applied to gases, liquids, solids, and multiphase systems. Three hours of lecture and three hours of laboratory per week. Prerequisites: CHE 111 and 112, MAT 251.

CHE 312 - Physical Chemistry II:

(4 hours) The second major branch of physical chemistry, that of quantum chemistry. It will give a thorough introduction to chemistry’s foundational connections to quantum mechanics/physics. Topics will include basic statistics, fundamental postulates of quantum mechanics, single quantum particles, the atom, simple molecules, spectroscopy, and some computational chemistry.
Satisfies writing intensive course requirements. Prerequisites: PHY 101 and 102; MAT 251; CHE 111 and 112.

CHE 313 - Physical Chemistry III:

(4 hours) The continuation and tying together of Physical Chemistry I and II into the third branch of P-Chem, that of statistical thermodynamics. Satisfies writing intensive course requirements. Prerequisites: CHE 311 and CHE 312.

CHE 405 - Biochemistry:

(4 hours) A one-semester introduction to the chemistry of biological systems. Satisfies writing intensive course requirement. Prerequisite: CHE 211.

CHE 406-407 - Chemical Research:

(1 to 4 hours per semester, not to exceed 6 hours) research involving library and laboratory work that allow students the opportunity to pursue study in a specialized area in collaboration with a faculty member. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

CHE 410 - Qualitative Organic Analysis:

(4 hours) Emphasis on the systematic identification of pure organic compounds and the analysis of mixtures. Prerequisite: CHE 212.

CHE 415 - Instrumental Analysis:

(4 hours) An introduction to instrumental methods of analysis. Prerequisite: CHE 112.

CHE 480-481 - Chemistry seminar:

(1 hour each) reading and discussion of papers from scientific journals. Students will also make presentations from an area of current research in chemistry. Prerequisites: CHE 111, 112, 211, and 212.

CHE 492 - Special Topics in Chemistry:

(1 to 8 hours) Current developments in chemistry. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.


PHY 101-102 - General Physics:

(4 hours each) A study of the fundamental principles of mechanics and sound the first trimester; of heat, light, magnetism, and electricity the second trimester. Prerequisite: MAT 131, 132. Three hours lecture and three hours laboratory a week, both trimesters.

PHY 103 - Introduction to Modern Physics:

3 hours credit) An extension of, and addition to the material covered in PHY 101-102. It is to start with the fundamentals of optics leading to the wave-particle duality of quantum mechanics, lasers, relativity, atomic, nuclear and particle physics. Prerequisites: MAT 131, 132, and PHY 101 and 102.

PHY 211-212 - Engineering Physics:

(4 hours each) A study of the principles of physics with calculus designed especially for pre-engineering students. Prerequisite: MAT 151. Three hours lecture and three hours laboratory a week, both trimesters. Offered on demand.


PHS 151 - Physical science:

(3 hours) A basic study of chemistry and physics. Three hours lecture.

PHS 201 - Earth and space science:

(3 hours) An introduction to astronomy, geology and meteorology.