Check In/Check Out Information

Check-In Information

Upon arrival to the campus on move in day, please come by the Student Life office to receive your student ID. We will have the necessary information to issue you a card. More information about IDs is available on the Student Life page. Proceed to your designated residence hall to check in with a resident director or resident assistant. After proper check in, you will receive your room key. Remember to keep your key in a safe place. Don’t forget, if you lose your room key, there is a $50 replacement fee.

Check-Out Information

  • At the end of the school year, your RA will have a schedule sheet posted outside of his or her door. You need to sign up for a time on this sheet to properly check out.
  • The room must be cleaned to the condition it was in when you arrived.
  • Upon meeting with your RA to check out, you will sign all the proper paperwork and turn in your key(s). If a key is not returned, a $50 charge will be put on your account.
  • Improper check-out procedure will result in a surrendering of the room deposit.

For graduating seniors, students moving off campus, and those withdrawing from school:

  • If leaving in the middle of the school year, please go to the Residence Life Office first to complete an Application to Live off Campus form.
  • If leaving at the end of the year, you will receive the Application to Live Off Campus at the last dorm meeting of the year. Please complete this form and turn in to the Residence Life Office.
  • After notifying Residence Life of your plans, please contact your RD to schedule a check-out time.