Change of Address and Name

Students are responsible for notifying the university of address and name changes using the following procedures:

Address Change:  Students may use the address section of the Registration Form to change their address during the registration process.  Personnel in the office of the student’s academic dean will check registration forms and make data entries on address changes.  All other times, students are to make address changes on the Change of Address Form in the Registrar’s Office.

Name Change:  Students may change/correct their names on their permanent records by completing the Change of Name Process on the Indigo Student Portal.  Documentation of the legal name change must accompany either method (i.e., marriage license, court document, divorce papers, etc., or legal name change document.)

Name changes noted on advisement/registration forms will not be processed.  Students must submit to the Registrar’s Office name changes using the above procedure.  A letter requesting proper documentation will be sent to the student by the Registrar’s Office when registration forms are checked each term.

More specific details for the change of your name are in the Office of the Registrar. Please call or come by for this information.  (601-318-6195)