Center for Creative Scholars

Located on the Hattiesburg campus, the Center for Creative Scholars provides an array of workshops, seminars, and professional development resources for students, teachers, and other education professionals.

Creativity Exploration Workshops in mid-July serve gifted and talented participants ranging from second grade to high school. Area teachers assist in designing unique creative environments with a scholarly focus. The Creativity Write-Down offers a curricular array for out-of-school learning on a January Saturday.

As part of the university emphasis on student-oriented professional research, the Center for Creative Scholars provides extended support for student-oriented projects. Scholarly undergraduates at William Carey University and those preparing to enter graduate school are encouraged to take their work out into regional and national venues.

The Center successfully competes for research grants through various organizations, businesses, and the Department of Education. Notably, William Carey’s Creative Scholars center leads partner universities in statistical work with restricted data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress. The work with NAEP has been funded by the Department of Education and the National Art Education Association. Dr. Read Diket, Center Director, presents regularly and chairs sessions during the American Education Research Association annual meetings.

Expert Session San Diego 2004. From left: Read Diket, Bruce McCandliss, Kurt Fischer, John Gabrieli, Todd Braver, Monica Luciana.

Expert Session Chicago 2003. From left: Patricia Carpenter, Michael Posner, Howard Gardner, Antonio Damasio, and Read Diket.