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2nd May 2007
New pictures of the Moravian Settlement at Ockbrook inserted on the Miscellaneous Moravian Page and the Image Library Page 1. The Settlement and the Chapel.

11th March 2007
A Baptist Mission Press Movie is added to the Contents Page. Created in Flash, and requiring Flash Player to see it, it is 1.6mb in size and lasts 5 minutes 55 seconds.

15th February 2007
A William Ward Movie is added to the Contents Page. Created in Flash, and requiring Flash Player to see it, it is 1.1mb in size and lasts 7 minutes 45 seconds.

17th July 2006
A new image is added to the heading of Chapter One.
Derby Museum and Art Gallery has recently acquired an excellent painting called 'Derby from a Field Adjoining Abbey Barns', 1805-08, by Christopher Holland, It shows Derby at a period closer to Ward's time and the Particular Baptist Chapel stands out as being the only building with white stucco and slate tiles, in a town of brick buildings with pottery tiled roofs. Courtesy Derby Museum and Art Gallery.

10th July 2006
The Home Page, Quotation Pages and Credits Page are redesigned.

8th May 2006
New images have been added to the Independant Chapel page (No. 9) on the Image Library Page 1 devoted to Derby. These relate to the fact that Rev. Andrew Fuller (according to the Derby Mercury) preached at the first recorded Particular Baptist meeting in Derby on 21st October 1792.
This was four and a half months after Carey's historic sermon at the Friar Gate Chapel in Nottingham and 19 days after Carey and Fuller had taken part in the foundation of the Baptist Missionary Society at Kettering on 2nd October 1792.

8th May 2006
A link to this site, with an explanation, was inserted in the Old Elthamians section of the Eltham College web site. Eltham College in South-East London is the former school for the sons of missionaries founded in 1842. The hope is that sons of former Baptist missionaries at Serampore will explore and contribute to this site. For more information click on the Eltham's Heritage page. I was a pupil from 1956 to 1965 when the school had approximately 500 boys, of whom about 120 were boarders. They included about 40 sons of missionaries from Baptist, Congregational and Presbyterian backgrounds. The school was (and is) divided into 4 houses named after famous missionaries - Carey, Chalmers, Moffat and Livingstone.
The former school for the daughters of missionaries (founded in 1838) is Walthamstow Hall, Sevenoaks, Kent. For more information click on the School History Page.

23rd April 2006
A Search Page is added to the site to make it easier to extract information. Links to the page have been added to all the main pages. The facility has been kindly created and installed by Karl Eckersley.
Search wmward.org

8th March 2006
A Site Map is added to the 'Contents Page' providing links to all the 476 pages currently on the site.
Site Map

20th February 2006
A picture of Lower Circular Road Baptist Church taken in 1999 by Raj Kumar Dwyer of Soham Cambridgeshire, which happens to show part of the office block now on the site of Baptist Mission Press.
Image Library Page 6.

26th December 2005
A new section has been added called 'Image Library'.
This is a collection of non-copyright material (including many new images) pulled together in one section for ease of use.
They can be accessed through the 'Contents Page'.
There are 7 pages in the section.
Click on the links below to view them from here.
Image Library (public domain)| 1. Derby | 2. Serampore | 3. Calcutta | 4. Durga Puja Festival | 5. Old Postcards of Calcutta | 6. Baptist Mission Press | 7. Ellis and Sons.

5th June 2005.
Research is continuing using material available here in Derby. At present the Derby Mercury is being read from 1785 to 1794 and is providing useful insights into the late 18th century world of William Ward.
The material will be published on this site as soon as it is complete.
If anyone feels they can provide information on the period, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the email page of this site.

5th June 2005
The manifesto of the Derby Society for Political Information, printed in July, 1792, and written by William Ward. The text was later reproduced in a London newspaper and the printer was sued for sedition at the Kings Bench Court in London. The case was successfully defended by Thomas Erskine (M.P. for Portsmouth) who speculated in court (wrongly) that it had been written by Dr. Erasmus Darwin.
The DSPI had been founded by Ward and his friends in December, 1791.
With the Sheffield Corresponding Society it was one of the first such societies in the country. The London Corresponding Society, which included John Thelwall, was founded several months later.
I came across the broadsheet this week and felt compelled to publish it straightaway. It is now on the Digital Library Page.

Click on the image to read the text.

2nd March 2005
WARD'S MEMORIES OF KRISHNA-PAL. 'Brief Memoir of Krishna-Pal, the first Hindoo in Bengal, who broke the Chain of Cast, by embracing the Gospel.' By William Ward, 1822. Added to the Digital Library page. Courtesy Derby Local Studies Library.

28th February 2005
A fuller description of the incident known as the Black Hole of Calcutta on the Glossary A-M page in response to the many internet searches there have been recently.

21st February 2005
An engraving taken from a portrait of William Ward baptising in the Hooghly painted by John Jackson Esq. R.A. Added to 'Miscellaneous' page. Courtesy Derby Local Studies Library.
The engraving of a youthful William Ward mentioned below added to the 'Miscellaneous' page. Courtesy Derby Local Studies Library.

11th January 2005.
1) A new portait of Rev. J. D. G. Pike added to the 'Rev. J. D. G. Pike' page in the 'Miscellaneous' section. Courtesy Derby Local Studies Library.
2) A new youthful portrait of William Ward added to Chapter 2. Courtesy Derby Local Studies Library.

27th December 2004.
New material added to 'Chapter 26' courtesy Professor Bennie Crockett of William Carey College.
1) A scan of a 'Boston Recorder' article of 17th April, 1821, detailing the churches visited by William Ward in the 3 months he was in America, and their donations to the new Serampore College.
2) A map of America showing the location of those churches, added to 'Chapter 26', and the 'Miscellaneous' section, in two sizes.
3) A scan of the 'Boston Recorder' article, together with a list American subscribers to his Ward's 'Farewell Letters to a Few Friends in Britain and America' placed on the 'Digital Library' page, courtesy Professor Bennie Crockett of William Carey College,

27th October 2004.
William Ward web site goes live.

5th February 2004.
Work starts on the William Ward web site.


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