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The Friends of Serampore

at www.friendsofserampore.org.uk

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The UK support group for one of the greatest and most historic of India's Christian institutions, which still has a vital and unique role to play.

Friends of Serampore provides a link for those who wish to support the College with their interest, donations and prayers. Members receive a twice-yearly newsletter.


The Centre for the Study of the Life and Work of William Carey D.D., 1761 - 1834

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Initiated in the summer of 2000, the purpose of the Center for Study of the Life and Work of William Carey is to promote an understanding of the accomplishments of William Carey (1761-1834) and to enhance appreciation of the religious, cultural, scientific, and historical contexts in which Carey worked in Britain and India. Carey, a figure of international significance, and his work as a Christian missionary, social reformer, linguist, botanist, and educator in India, 1793-1834, are the interests of the Center.

Specific objectives of the Center include the following:

1) To map and inventory sources of knowledge regarding Carey's mission in repositories such as the Carey Library at Serampore College, the Angus Library at Regent's Park College, Oxford and the Northamptonshire Record Office, United Kingdom;

2) To present knowledge regarding Carey's mission, primarily through a web site, which includes (a) photographic images of Carey, Carey biographies, Serampore memorabilia, and letters and journals relevant to Carey; (b) an annotated bibliography of works regarding Carey's mission featuring reviews and, if available under copyright law, the works themselves; (c) a devotional section; (d) up-to-date scholarship regarding Carey's mission; and (e) a remarks page;

3) To preserve in appropriate form as many texts and artifacts related to Carey's mission as feasible;

4) To seek external funding support from foundations, denominational agencies and philanthropists, particularly in order to facilitate the travel necessary to reconnoiter and acquire in appropriate form the diverse sources relative to Carey's mission that are scattered from Serampore to Denmark, from Rhode Island to the United Kingdom;

5) To sponsor research related to the mission of William Carey.

Related to William Carey College's identity, the Center's activities are designed to:

1) Identify the Christian, scholarly, and mission aims of William Carey College;

2) Involve numerous disciplines taught by the College;

3) Promote collegiality by offering faculty and students an opportunity to interact in a common inter-disciplinary purpose; and

4) Offer the College a visible and distinguished stake in realms of scholarship and mission activity.

The Center for Study of the Life and Work of William Carey, D.D. (1761-1834) has received local, national, and international acclaim. Soon after the public release of the Center's web site in March, 2001, the Australian-based Asian Studies Monitor, a clearinghouse for academic study of Asian-related materials, awarded the Center a "five-star, essential rating."
In addition, the Center's web site receives an average of two hundred unique visits per day, and persons from countries all over the world have used the web site.  The Center has had the opportunity of providing primary and secondary source materials for local churches, Christian mission enthusiasts, students of all ages, scholars, and international researchers as they have sought information about William Carey and the Serampore mission. After two years of the Center's existence, over 126,000 persons in ninety-three countries on all continents have used the Center's web site. Such significant and widespread interest in the Center underscores the international importance that William Carey (1761-1834) continues to hold.


Derby Local Studies Library

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The library has invaluable records about Derby and the surrounding area which include books, microfiche files on births marriages and deaths, newspapers, engravings, photographs and manuscripts.

The archive of 18 books by, or about William Ward, are available to be read on the premises.


Angus Library, Regent's Park College, Oxford.

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The original diaries of William Ward and Daniel Potts' typed transcript of them, along with copies of all the books held in Derby, plus many, many others, are held in the Baptist Missionary Society Archives at the Angus Library, Regent's Park College, Pusey Street, Oxford.

The Angus Library holds an unrivalled extensive collection of manuscripts and printed works relating to Baptist and Nonconformist heritage from the sixteenth century to the present day. It includes the archive of the oldest group of Baptists in the world and contains more than 70,000 items relating to the life and history of Baptists in Britain and beyond. The Angus Library incorporates the former libraries of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and the Baptist Historical Society, and contains the archives of the Baptist Missionary Society on deposit. Manuscripts include missionary correspondence and minute books of the Baptist Missionary Society.

Visit by appointment only, with written references (from a Baptist minister or from any person holding an academic appointment at a recognized institution of higher education). Brief research into Baptist history and the missionary archives may be undertaken free of charge. Extended use of the library may incur a fee; consult the Archivist for details. A limited amount of photocopying, undertaken by library staff and at their discretion, may be allowed if the condition of material permits.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 09.30-16.00. Closed for approximately one week at Christmas and Easter, and for approximately 2-3 weeks from August - September


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