Farewell Letters to a Few Friends in Britain and America, on Returning to Bengal in 1821.

by William Ward, D.D., of Serampore

Lexington, Kentucky: Thomas T. Skillman, 



In 1819, William Ward, the printer and minister colleague of William Carey's at Serampore, returned to England to report on the missionaries' work in India and to raise financial support for the mission.  During his visit, he left England and toured Holland and the United States.  In the United States, he raised $10,000 for the support of educating and sending out  Indian ministers from Serampore College.  In 1821, he returned to India, where soon thereafter he died of cholera, March 7, 1823, at the age of fifty-three.  For Ward's obituary written by William Carey in August 1823, click here.


While in England, Holland, and the United States, Ward busied himself with giving "accounts of the state of the heathen in India, and of our mission there" (p. 9 - p. 10).  No doubt his accounts would have included his detailed understanding of Hindu culture as demonstrated in his A View of the History, Literature, and Religion of the Hindoos: Including a Minute Description of their Manners and Customs, and Translations of Their Principal Works, 2 vols. (Serampore, India; 1815 and 1818) and in his letters below. 


In the dedication (p. 11) of his letters, Ward refers to America as "the chosen refuge of the puritans, and of many an eminently devoted christian; the land of equal privileges; of pure and heavenly light; the country to which, under God, next to may own, the eyes of every friend of God and man on earth are directed; the hope of the world."



TITLE PAGES                                 CONTENTS

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DEDICATION.    To Divie Bethune, Esq. and Mrs. Bethune

8-9         10-11


LETTER I.    To the Rev. Dr. NewmanReflections on returning to England.

12-13        14-15        16-17


LETTER II.    To John Breckinridge, Esq.—On the present spiritual state of the world; and on the causes which have led to the neglect of the command of Christ, to preach the gospel to every creature.

18-19        20-21        22-23        24-25        26-27        28-29        30-31        32-33


LETTER III.    To the Rev. Dr. Ryland—On the future state of the heathen.

34-35        36-37        38


LETTER IV.    To the Rev. Dr. Staughton—On the philosophical system of the Hindoos.

39        40-41        42-43        44-45        46-47        48-49        50


LETTER V.    To the Rev. Dr. ChaplinOn the popular superstition of the Hindoos.

51        52-53        54-55        56-57        58-59    


LETTER VI.    To Miss HopeOn the state of female society in India.

60-61        62-63        64-65        66-67        68-69        70-71        72-73        74-75        76


LETTER VII.    To the Rev. Dr. Steadman—On the cruelties connected with the Hindoo superstition.

77        78-79        80-81        82-83        84-85        86


LETTER VIII.    To Captain B. WICKES—On the impurities connected with the Hindoo superstition. 

87        88-89        90-91 


LETTER IX.    To the Rev. CHRISTMAS EVANS—On the concern of many of the Hindoos respecting a future state.

92-93        94-95        96-97        98       [Click here for Evans's bio Page 611    Page 612    Page 613]


LETTER X.    To RICHARD PHILLIPS, Esq.—On the necessity of a greater union in prayer for the Divine Influence. 
99    100-101        102-103        104-105        106-107        108-109        110-111      112


LETTER XI.    To the Rev. CHRISTOPHER ANDERSON—On the triumphs of the missionary cause in India. 

    113            114-115        116-117        118-119        120-121        122-123      

124-125        126-127        128-129        130-131        132-133


LETTER XII.    To the Rev. Dr. BALDWIN—On the success of the mission in India as it respects the number and character of the converts.

134-135      136-137        138-139        140 


LETTER XIII.    To the Rev. DANIEL SHARP—On the progress of the translation in India.

141        142-143        144-145        146-147      148-149


LETTER XIV.    To the Rev. LUCIUS BOLLES—On the success of the Native Schools in India. 

150-151        152-153        154-155        156


LETTER XV.    To J. DOUGLAS, Esq.—On the late great moral changes in the East, and on the Serampore Missionary College. 

157            158-159      160-161        162-163


LETTER XVI.    To JOSEPH BUTTERWORTH  Esq. M. P.—On the striking nature of the change wrought in the views and character of a converted Hindoo. 

164-165        166-167        168-169        170-171      172-173


LETTER XVII.    To Mrs. FULLER—On the certainty of the final triumphs of Christianity. 

174-175        176-177        178-179        180-181        182-183      184


LETTER XVIII.    To a MISSIONARY STUDENT—Advice on the importance and duties of the Missionary Life. 

185        186-187        188-189        190-191        192-193        194-195      196


LETTER XIX.    To Dr. CHARLES STUART—On the origin of the Mennonites. 

197        198-199        200-201        202-203        204-205


LETTER XX.    To the Rev. JOSEPH KINGHORN—On the manner of worship, &c. among the Mennonites. 

206-207      208-209 


LETTER XXI.    To the Rev. W. H. ANGAS.—On the doctrines received by the Mennonites.

210-211        212-213        214-215


LETTER XXII.    To the Rev. N. MESSCHAERT—On the number of churches among the Mennonites. 

216-217    218-219      220


LETTER XXIII.    To the Rev. J. J. ROBERTSON—On the state of religion in Holland. 

221        222-223        224-225  


LETTER XXIV.    To the Rev. GEORGE BARCLAY—On the state of religion in Holland. 

226-227        228-229        230-231      232-233        234


LETTER XXV.    To Mrs. STRETTON—On the constitution and present state of the Episcopal Church in America. 

235        236-237        238-239        240-241


LETTER XXVI.    To the Rev. G. PIKE—On the answers to prayer, as seen in the present remarkable movements among the heathen.

242-243      244



245         246-247        248-249        250-251        252



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