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August 21, 2001
  News 7

Weekdays 5:30am-7:00am
News 7 Today
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Welcome to's News 7 Today page.  Here you can visit the websites and find the phone numbers mentioned in our morning show's stories, interviews and features.

Remember, if you have an idea for a future interview for News 7 Today, we'd like to read about it.  Please click here to e-mail the morning news producer.  

If you have questions and comments about our station which do not relate to our morning show, please send those to -- our main e-mail address. 

Thanks for starting your mornings with News 7 Today on WDAM-TV7.

Life Of William Carey  To learn more, visit on the web or call 318-6116.

USM Community Arts School  To find out more about the school's offerings and its open house, scheduled for August 25 from 1:30pm-5:00pm, call 266-4985.

Non-Denominational Prayer Meeting  If you'd like to attend, call the First Baptist Church of Buckatunna at 648-2209 for reservations and directions.  The meeting takes place Friday night at 7:00pm in Clara.

Reception For Natalie Pope  If you'd like to attend this reception for Mississippi's Junior Miss, it's taking place Sunday afternoon (Aug. 26) at 2:00 at Temple Baptist Church's east campus.  

Health & Fitness Story: Peanut Butter Diet  For more details on Monday morning's story, visit or click on the "Ounce of Prevention" link on the right hand column of this page.  You can also find more details in the latest issue of Prevention magazine at a newsstand near you.

Sports Memorabilia  For more details on Monday morning's story, visit -- the website for Clean Sweep Auctions.  Steve Verkman is the president of the company.

Wesley Medical Center: Work Well Program  For more details on the program, call the hospital at 268-8088.

Money Matters In Marriage And Relationships For more details on Thursday morning's story, e-mail the reporter, Kyle Anderson, at

Soy Formula  For more details on the Journal of the American Medical Association's report on soy-based formula, visit on the web.

Economic Development Course  For more details on this course, offered through USM's Continuing Education department, call 266-4186.

4-H: Modeling Squad  For details on auditioning for a position within the squad, call 545-6083.

United Way: Riding The Line  This bike ride is scheduled to take place in September over eight days from New York City to Houston, Texas.  For more details, visit or call United Way of the Pine Belt Region at 428-8459.

Majesty of Spain Exhibit in Jackson For details, visit on the web or call 601-960-9904.  For tickets, call 1-877-709-2639.   For a group of 20 or more, call 1-800-960-9900.  The exhibit will be on display until September 3rd.

Websites On Finance And The Tax Rebates  For the websites Marlo Dorsey profiled on the July 25th broadcast of News 7 Today, please click here.

I Eat Weeds And Trees  E-mail Mickey for recipes at

Mississippi Seen  E-mail Walt Grayson at (please scroll up for a link to Mississippi Seen stories from the website of Jackson's NBC station, WLBT).

Unsung Heroes  To nominate someone for this monthly feature, contact Mary Ellen Senne online at or call at 264-6853.

Puzzling Perspective   Can you solve Matt Martin's puzzle?  Here's the stumper entitled "Honest Ivan"...

The rental-car company, after convicting Sidney, advised all personnel to watch for odometer tampering. Later, Ivan rented a car in central Florida. Two days later, it was badly damaged when a truck lost control and hit it on a thruway in Virginia. The odometer reading was too low to account for the trip from Florida to Virginia, but Ivan easily went free. How?

Here are some clues...

Had Ivan wanted to use the car for at least two months, including driving back to Florida for a vacation with his family?  Yes.

Did Ivan cause the collision that damaged the car or contribute to it in any way? No.

Had Ivan creatively reacted to the difference between auto insurance rates in Florida and those in Washington, D.C., where he lived?  Yes.

Have the answer?  E-mail Sharon at

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