Scenes of India in the Early 1830s

The following collection of engravings from the early 1830s capture a flavor of various areas within India of that day.

A Hindoo Female 


The Cuttab Minar at Old Delhi

Monsoon at Madras


Temple at Mahabalipuram


Raja Ghur Gingee 

Temple at Tritchengur


Choultry at Ramiseram

Cape Comorin


Falls at Puppanassum 

Wild Elephants 

Talipat Tree  

Alligator and Dead Elephant


The Queen of Candy 


Mausoleum at Raje Mah'l

Banks of the Ganges

Mausoleum of Shere Shah

Mosque at Benares


Ghat at Benares

Banyan Tree   

Taj Mahal at Agra

Caparisoned Elephant


Hirkarrah Camel


Mahadagee Scindia 

Ghat at Hurdwar


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