The Baptist Mission Press at Calcutta published The Oriental Baptist between 1847 and 1879.  Available to subscribers for three rupees a year, it featured news bulletins, book reviews, and speculative theology.    

For the first seven years of its existence, The Oriental Baptist appeared under the auspices of the Association of Baptist Churches in Bengal.  It superseded an earlier publication entitled the Calcutta Missionary Herald and afterwards included a section by that name.

Several numbers of The Oriental Baptist offer information regarding Serampore College and the earlier work of the Serampore Mission.

The May, 1859 Oriental Baptist [Vol. XIII, No. 149] reprinted a review from the Baptist Magazine of John Clark Marshman, The Life and Times of Carey, Marshman, and Ward. Embracing the History of the Serampore Mission (2 vols., Longman, Green and Co., 1859):





The following month, The Oriental Baptist [Vol. XIII, No. 150] offered "A Brief Memorial of the Late Rev. W. Smith, Baptist Missionary, Benares."  This article provides insight into the activities of the Serampore mission.


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