or a Record to Perpetuate the Memory of Departed Worth, Being a Compilation of Tablets and Monumental Inscriptions from Various Parts of the Bengal and Agra Presidencies.  To which is Added Biographical Sketches and Memoirs of Such as Have Pre-Eminently Distinguished Themselves in the History of British India, since the Formation of the European Settlement to the Present Time.

Calcutta: J. Thomas, Baptist Mission Press, 1848


Published by the Baptist Mission Press, Calcutta, 1848, this book contains a collection of the texts of cemetery tablets, monumental inscriptions, and extended obituaries of eminent Europeans who settled and lived in Bengal, India.

Included in the book are detailed biographical obituaries of William Carey, Joshua Marshman, William Ward, Hannah Marshman, and Felix Carey.  To view this 1848 obituary of William Carey, click on either link below:

The Bengal Obituary, Reverend William Carey, D.D. (pp. 334-340)


The Bengal Obituary, Reverend Joshua Marshman, D.D. (pp. 340-343)


The Bengal Obituary, Reverend William Ward, (pp. 343-345)


The Bengal Obituary, Mrs. Hannah Marshman, (p. 345)


The Bengal Obituary, Mr. Felix Carey (pp. 349-350)


Texts of monumental inscriptions on tombs also occur in The Bengal Obituary.  Some of these are:


William Carey        Joshua Marshman        William Ward        Hannah Marshman        John Mack


Dorothy Carey        Charlotte Emelia Carey        Grace Carey        Felix Carey


In the obituary narrative on p. 339, the Marquess of Wellesley is mentioned as having abolished some "horrid cruelties" on Saugur Island in Bengal.  Evidently, Carey had pled with Wellesley to abolish such cruelties (infanticide?).  

To view a commemorative medal, honoring Wellesley, follow the following links:


The obverse side of this medal presents an image of Richard Colley Wellesley (1760-1842), the Governor General of Bengal, India, 1797-1805.

The reverse side of this medal presents an image of the battle at Seringapatam, May 4, 1799.  [Photography care of Ian Mahy.]

To view Wellesley's signature on an 1833 card from his residence in Ireland, click here and view the bottom left of the card.

To view portraits of Wellesley, click here for the collection at the National Portrait Gallery, London.


Also recorded in The Bengal Obituary is the text on William Carey's tomb in Serampore.  To view this epitaph text, click here.



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