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Bibliography--Archival Sources

Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, Archives 21404, Letter from Samuel Stillman to President Asa Messer recommending that William Carey receive a Doctor of Divinity degree, September 1, 1806:




Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, Archives, A 1526, Letter from William Carey to his son William at Cutwa, November 25, 1812:



Inside Obverse



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Gazetteer and Maps


India, 1824

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Portrait Gallery


Widow Wallis House, Kettering, Northamptonshire, England, late nineteenth century


William Carey, "The Shoemaker Who Became 'The Father and Founder of Modern Missions'"


William Carey and Brahmin Pundit (1887 version)


Carey's Mali, or Gardener


General View of Calcutta 


Serampore College (1887 version)


Hindu Carpenters


Indian Washermen


Government House, Calcutta


Lal Bazaar Chapel, Calcutta


Interior of Lal Bazaar Chapel, Calcutta


Carey's Pulpit, Serampore


Ancient Chairs at Serampore


William Carey's Tomb, Serampore


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The Baptist Encyclopedia (1883) Page


"Chaplin, Jeremiah."    Vol. I, p. 203        Vol. I, p. 204


"Stillman, Samuel."    Vol. II, p. 1107        Vol. II, p. 1108        Vol. II, p. 1109


"Wayland, Francis."    Vol. II, p. 1220    Vol. II, p. 1221    Vol. II, p. 1222

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Supporters of the Center Page


William Carey web-site "academic anchor" for WCC

Written by the co-directors of the Center for Study of the Life and Work of William Carey, D.D. (1761-1834) and Published in The Cobbler, the student newspaper at William Carey College, this article focuses on the identity and function of the Carey Center.  For smaller images that load quicker, click below:

    The Cobbler Masthead    and     Article Text

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Carey Center Home Page




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