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October 2003



Biographies Page


"A Missionary Hero."  In Record of Christian Work with Daily Scripture Readings.  XI/7 (July 1892):195-96.

Cover Page    p. 193    p. 195    p. 196

[added:     October 31, 2003]


Memorabilia Page


Postcard of Botanical Gardens, Calcutta, 1909

Reverse Side

[added:     October 31, 2003]


Philately and Numismatics Page


East India Company Coin, One Cent, 1845

Obverse Detail, "VICTORIA QUEEN"

Reverse Detail, Edge Inscription: "EAST INDIA COMPANY 1845"    Center Inscription: "ONE CENT"

[added:    October 15, 2003]



William Carey's Legacy Page

Baptist Mission Press

Calcutta, India


Baptist Mission Press Image

(Three Dimensional Line Drawing and Key; courtesy Ronald Ellis, Derby, England)

[added:    October 27, 2003]




Carey Center Home Page




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