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November 2013


Royal Society of Agriculture and Botany, Winter Show, Public Exposition, Ghent, Belgium, 50th Jubilee Anniversary, 1834, Page

A Third Rendering of Illicium Floridanum

Carey Collection 39. Print, "Illicium Floridanum. Badiane de la Floride" by P. Bessa and Goulet from Flore des Jardiniers, Amateurs et Manufacturiers. D'Apres les Dessins de Bessa. Extraits de L'Herbier de L'Amateur. Tome Premier.  Paris: Audot, Librarire, Editeur de L'Alamancach du bon Jardinier, Rue du Paon, 8, Ecole de Medecine, 1836.

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"Expect great Things; Attempt Great Things" Page


Christopher Anderson, The Christian Spirit which is essential to the triumph of the kingdom of God; A Discourse Delivered at the Annual General Meeting of the Baptist Missionary Society, In London, 23d June, 1824 (London: B. J. Holdworth, et al., 1824), p. 21.

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